SQUEEGEE!! – our rewards

The main idea behind this campaign is to get as many of you convinced of the SQUEEGEE!! book and want you to pre-order it. The more you pledge, the closer we get to the finished, printed result!

But of course we prepared some little extra goodies they’re worth to pay your attention to – so here you go for our rewards:

NEW! (by July 17th): Artist involved, Jean Mosambi, had such a nice design so we couldn’t resist and decided to make these Shirts printed on demand for you backers interested:

If you already backed some different reward you can either upgrade to a „plus T-Shirt“-reward or just pledge the amount of 15.- € on top of what you already backed.

This high quality Shirt from THOKKTHOKK (organic cotton & fair trade) will be 3-colour printed with waterbased inks. We ask for your gender & size after the end of the campaign.

If you just say: „Great idea! Go for it, guys!“ you might choose to pledge 5.- € and be fine. We say „THANK YOU!“ and therefor put your name on the list of supporters in the book, just as any other backers‘ name, too!

Next reward in line of course: the book itself! Either make your choice of one single copy for your own or the „TRIPLE READ“: one SQUEEGEE!! for you and two to give away – something for the generous ones of you…

Both of these rewards also contain an offset printed postcard with the cover image and stickers – just as any other upcoming reward does as well.

And then we have the series of „Mini prints“!

8 original screenprinted artworks by some of the talented artists from inside the book. They’re all the same size like the book, 17 x 23 cm (6.7 x 9.0 inches) and with the colour scheme of the book layout.

If you go for the „SPECIAL“, one randomly chosen mini print will be added to the book. And if you prefer the „DELUXE“, three different, randomly chosen mini prints will be added to the book and put together in a cardboard box!

As an extra surprise we also add one randomly chosen mini print to the „TRIPLE READ“!

You want them all, the whole series of all 8 mini prints? Sure! Just pledge the „DELUXE COLLECTION“ and it’s yours, added to the book and all within a cardboard box!

A little more exclusive is our „COLLECTORS ITEM“: we have 36 original screenprinted posters, one of each artist that is also shown in the book! For this reward one randomly chosen poster will be added to a copy of SQUEEGEE!! and on top we also put one randomly chosen mini print!

Really the „GREATEST DEAL“ is getting some different 36 original posters all at once! Plus the whole series of 8 mini prints! Plus three copies of the SQUEEGEE!! book!


! USEFUL PAYMENT INFORMATION FOR GERMAN BACKERS ! Innerhalb Deutschlands könnt Ihr unser Projekt auch mit einem SEPA-Lastschriftmandat unterstützen! Keine Kreditkarte erforderlich !

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