Almost six years ago Señor Burns published the little catalogue „SQUEEGEE! – the screenprint movement“. Since then the movement has grown, many new gig posters of many (also new) european artists have been printed and released.

Now it’s time for a new book!

SQUEEGEE!! – The European Gig Poster Movement (english)
180 pages with the format of 17×23 cm, 36 european artists, the poster shows FLATSTOCK, COLORED GIGS, POSTERS ROCK! und LE GIG POSTER?, studio visits, looks behind +++ …

The first issue was partly financed through adds and private investment. For this time we (Joris Diks & Bernd SeñorBurns Hofmann) want to get this done with the help of a crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter!

The Kickstarter campaign starts on Monday July 4th at 12:00 noon CEST and will close on Friday July 29th at 23:00 CEST and we kindly ask you to like and share this facebook page SQUEEGEE gig poster books by now 😉Thanks.



Gig posters, or concert posters, are limited edition prints created by graphic artists to commemorate a particular musical event, gig, or tour. They are often silkscreen printed (screenprinted) and usually signed and numbered, making for unique and collectible pieces of art. Gig posters are different to promotional posters in that the time intensive and limited nature of their production means they are commonly sold as band merchandise, as well as traded and sold by collectors.



Señor Burns, aged 42, originaly a carpenter, now poster maker, father, doing gig posters for about eleven years now, running a screenprinting studio in Munich, germany: THE RED CAN COMPANY. Published a catalogue of his own works in 2009 and the first issue of SQUEEGEE! in 2010 (and a 2nd, updated edition in 2012).

Joris Diks, aged 37, loves traveling the world and making screenprinted gigposters and filmposters. He runs his screenprinting studio called HANDPRINTED STUFF from Utrecht, the Netherlands.






SQUEEGEE!! gig poster book #2 on Kickstarter.com


Contact / responsible for the campaign & book:

Bernie ‘Señor Burns‘ Hofmann – senorburns[at]red-can.com

Joris Diks – info[at]jorisdiks.nl